Our product experts can guide you to the right packaging for your products

We offer clamshell packaging, edge fold blisters and header cards that will enhance your products features. We look forward to working with your company.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is a hinged, preformed plastic blisters on 2 sides that shut around your product and snap shut.


  • Good perceived value
  • Excellent product protection
  • Good visual of product
  • Excellent anti-theft if welded
  • Product can be reused if not welded
  • Professional look
  • No machine assembly if not welded

Edge Fold Blisters

Edge fold blisters are preformed blisters that extend to edge of the card and then proceed to wrap over ½” or more onto the backside on 3 sides, allowing a backer card to slip in.


  • Excellent product protection
  • Fair perceived value
  • Creates product visibility
  • Theft deterrent
  • Product can be reused if not welded
  • Professional appearance
  • Re-closeable

Header Bags

Bags and headers are used when a paper header is wrapped over the opening of a plastic bag and then stapled shut.


  • Provides good product visibility
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • No machine assembly
  • Production speeds can be increased easily
  • No one time cost
  • Easily prototyped