Quick and Economical Folding Cartons

At Valcraft Printing & Packaging, we want to help you find the best packaging options that meet the needs of your products. Folding cartons are paperboard weight boxes that will hold your product for retail display.

Folding Cartons Process

When creating a folding carton, a variety of materials may be used from recycled or virgin paperboard. The paperboard can be coated, uncoated, colored, textured or even holographic.

For food packaging, there are special applications that may require food grade FDA approved materials or special coating for moisture or freezer applications.

Once the sheet has been packaged; it is then separated into individual packages with either the use of a die cutter, hand paper cutter or knife. Most items then will need to have a hanger hole punched into them to allow for peg hook hanging. If using the die cutting method a steel rule die is made which includes the hanger hole as well as usually rounded corners which will help reduce damage to corners (dog ears) in shipping and handling.

The printed sheet is printed flat then die-cut and scored to allow for final assembly into a box. The final product can take a variety of shapes including: square, rectangle, triangle, octagon or many other shapes.

Folding cartons have a greater surface area for your final design and can include the following design options: gold foiling, embossing, laminating or windowing.

Advantages of Folding Cartons

  • Good product protection
  • Good for perceived value
  • Lots of graphic surface
  • Reusable packaging
  • Easily cartoned & stacked
  • Easily prototyped